562 – Operations Manager

4 months ago
  • Full-time: Yes
  • Experience Required: 3 Years

The duty of the Vice President of Operations is management and overview of the Project Managers and the execution of the electrical contracts. The overview and management of all aspects of the project from coordination to closeout falls under this position.

Operations Duties (Inclusive of, but not limited to):

New Project Activities:

    1. Attend new project Quick-start meetings. (Hosted by Estimating)
    2. Assign/Prep PM for forthcoming project.
    3. Meet with Superintendent to discuss project team.
    4. Monitor 7 day “expediting” process (Expeditor/Purchasing) – Buyouts and submittals for timely progress and scheduling of project Kick-start meeting.
    5. Review Plans and Specs for project and begin planning execution strategy.
    6. Review Contract Schedule – Establish scheduling strategy (review with Superintendent) – provide input to GC to establish activities/realistic time for ALL electrical activities.
    7. Establish C.O. Summary Sheet strategy to maximize return, while meeting the confines of Specifications/Client expectations.
    8. Determine detailing/pre-construction and coordination needs – Meet with Coordination Dept. as, necessary.
    9. Schedule/host Kick-start meeting – ensure all known details are expressed to project’s management team.
    10. Walk project w/PM, FM & Superintendent – introduce LME project team to GC.

Oversee the duties of the Project Managers (PM) which include:

  1. Management of multiple electrical contracts (projects) in conformance with the Companies’ procedures, processes and policies.
  2. Monitor job costs and financial performance. Take steps necessary to maintain and improve project profitability.
  3. Process required project documents as required timely.
  4. Review project specifications and ensure conformance.
  5. Process and track project change orders timely and accurately in accordance with Company policy and procedures.
  6. Monitor project(s) safety and quality per Company standards.
  7. Process billings in accordance with the contract requirements and in such a way to cover the project projected cost to date.
  8. Must work closely with project supervision to ensure the project scheduling, procurement and billing needs are met.
  9. Forecast project job costs and margin accurately and in accordance with Company policy.

Claim Management:

    1. Ensure proper claim entitlement and quantification is being established, in a timely manner (delays/impacts/COR rejection).
    2. Meet with GC to discuss, as necessary and attempt to resolve “pre-claim”.
    3. Meet with claim consultant(s)/counsel, etc., as necessary (in-house preferred).
    4. Review/critique claim.
    5. Attend mediation/arbitration/depositions, as necessary.
    6. Resolve claim for maximum recovery, balanced with cost to pursue.

Monitor project delays/impacts – discuss with GC – ensure LME provides “Notice”, as necessary, in accordance with specification requirements.

Review FM Daily Reports (w/Superintendent) to monitor field issues and to ensure proper “Constructive Notice” is being relayed to GC, in accordance with Specifications.

Review/critique COR’s with PM’s to establish completeness, including but not limited to takeoff, labor factors, material discount rates, indirect costs, supervision, time extensions (Ensure DB pricing is current) – ensure NTP for added work is provided by GC, prior to beginning work (enforce with complete project LME team at “monthly Issues” meeting).

Attend CO negotiation meetings with PM, as necessary.

Assist with the agenda and presentation of the Project Foreman meetings.

Schedule and host two meetings per month with PM:

    1. Project “Issues” meeting (mid-month) with PM/FM/Superintendent to discuss project issues, billings, change orders, schedule with team.
    2. Project “CTC” meeting (end of month) with PM/CFO/VP of Estimating/ Superintendent to review/discuss projects’ financial position – project win/loss.

Review projects’ financial position(s) with CFO/CEO on a monthly basis – review PM performance and overall profit contribution of each.

Visit projects – meet with Superintendent/FM to ensure (Check) proper support from PM and to meet with GC’s PM team to discuss PM performance and discuss project issues.

Host project post-mortem meetings, at project completion (w/project team, Superintendent, VP of Estimating, Coordination Dept., Purchasing, CFO) to determine what worked and what didn’t.

Cultivate and maintain relationships with our clients, suppliers and vendors.

Attend industry workshops, training seminars and events as directed by and or approved by the Company.

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